391 ceramic sanitary pads.

life size.

I find it fascinating that violence and bloodshed make for great entertainment

but menstrual blood, the only blood without injury or disease is taboo

In this installation i have paid homage to the passage of time and changing of cycles,

from adolescence through fertile years, to the end of my cycle of menstruation.

acknowledging the sacredness of this process

I have used ceramic to show the fragility and vulnerability of nature.

The Tittle “XX” Refers to the female chromosome

Everything Changes

Menstruation is a fact of my existence as a woman, an irrefutable reality. It is interesting that this reality is still a taboo subject. It is the ultimate example of the intensely private, personal domain which becomes the political due to its very suppression.

photographic documentation of recorded history.      (sample of 12 from 391)

From my first period 4th august 1976  - until 6th November 2006 oophorectomy.


cotton thread sewn into photographs